Our journey driven by yours.

“Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that makes you feel unique, complete and confident. “

In Italian, the name Bella means beautiful.

The story begins with love. Bella, together with her partner, founded La Bella Gems X Jewelry at the most challenging time during the covid pandemic when the world needed love, radiance, and beauty amidst the chaotic reality. Started from collector as hobbyist to making jewelry gifts for close family and friends, Bella decided to share this wonderful quality and durable jewelry with the world. Bella, which means “beautiful” in Italian and “Gift of God’s Favor” in Hebrew, was chosen to be the vision and inspiration of our company.  

Our main focus is YOU.
Whether you are celebrating special life events, simply pampering yourself or gifting, we are thrilled to be part of the journey to find that lasting piece without breaking the bank or worry having an allergy. We cater to all ages, races, sexuality and styles because we believe that everyone is god’s gift, unique, beautiful and should be appreciated the way they are.

Our main focus – Ingredients.
First in making, it starts with our artisans and designers drawing on sketches and digitally for hours to achieve the look and trend desired. After which, our craftsman and goldsmiths start making molds of the jewelry size and settings by mixing metals and components, melting and heating, followed by cutting and sanding by hand tools and machine. At the same time, raw stones are being checked by our gemologist for quality before passing each gem into a metal setting. We only use our own special mix of metals that is meant for everlasting wear. Our raw stones are naturally sourced and mined, which later are then either heat combusted in labs or naturally molded into shapes in a safe lab environment.

The secret – our ingredients.
Just like a perfect dish, it took us years of trials and errors, mix and matching, before we are able to launch our own. And thankfully, a great team on each line of their specialty. Our pieces are meant for lasting wear with comfort, easy match for any style, or a unique custom piece on its own that is as constantly close to you as a heirloom.

Your feelings matter.
By customising your own, you add an emotional meaning to a craft that is meaningful and unique to you.
Gemstones can bring you many different meanings, energy of healings, joy, strength and abundance.

No idea what to get?
Select from our ready-to-wear jewelry for an easy pick.
Still cant decide? Speak to our customer care for advice and we will assist you in finding a suitable or custom-made one. Our team are sincere in taking account your style and personality.



Our highest grade diamond stimulants and all other gems available are mined naturally and then meticulously cut and polished in our laboratory.


We only use our own mix durable metals and materials. Our 925 sterling silver is coated with an extra layer of anti-tarnish and our gold is 18K purity level for lasting wear. 


We make and customise modern and vintage jewelry and accessories for timeless wear. Shop with ease as we provide clean and tested allergy-free jewelry.

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recommendation no regret getting the ring so beautiful. Sincere and prompt


Bought this as a birthday present for myself and service was very accommodating.
The moissanite are so sparkling and good quality! so awesome!
So kind of her to gift me an addtl ring and gave me her blessings too 😄
This is definitely more than the price I paid for! Ordered yesterday
and item arrived this morning. Called that speed post! Off to a bling bling celebration 🥰


Prompt & very friendly customer service. Items received as scheduled,
love it😊😊. Definitely will order again


Fast replies, fast delivery and even though I customised mine,
it was really quick, the ring is definitely what it’s described as, will purchase again!


True kind and generous seller! A big thanks to
u for the free gifts! coolest seller ive met. Fast and easy transaction.
Trustworthy. Professional knowledge and experienced. Highly
Recommended! No doubt ill definitely come back again buy more! Thanks Bella!


Customise service was very friendly, patience. It was a
great deal!! THANK YOU SO MUCHH!!


Great seller to deal with. Pleasant transaction !!
Fast and hassle free. Item was really perfect ! Thank you


Honest, responsive and patient seller. Had lots of
questions & Seller replied my queries promptly. Made multiple videos to show me
the ring prior purchase (since cant meet to deal face to face during covid situation).
The stone is very well cut. Very nice shine when worn. ♥️ The design – very simple and classy.
Product is true as advertise. Comes with cert! Will definitely buy again👍🙏! Thank u!


Got the ring as advertised in good quality. The diamond is extremely shiny and gorgeous.


The red stone necklace I had from La Bella
Gemstones was gorgeous. It’s versatile and goes well with many
of my outfits.Adds the extra class and sophistication to my
everyday. Thank you La Bella for that perfect addition to my wardrobe!


Got an infinity bracelet from them recently as a gift and love how sleek it is!
The size fits nicely for me and this symbol reminds me timely of the meaning behind it.


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